Adair Method

by Kristen Adair

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A Little About ME

Hi, my name is Kristen Snider and I’m your glorified health educator. I’m often referred to as the “last resort”, “body detective”, or “health investigator”.

I was chronically ill for five years of my life before I was introduced to the German homeopathic approach and advanced methods. I worked and mentored under Daniel Finner, gaining firsthand experience in understanding the regenerative and self-sustaining nature of our biological systems and how to utilize a holistic approach to healing our bodies - even when experiencing acute symptoms.

After studying in Germany for many years, I decided to take my knowledge back to the States. I’m passionate about helping people improve their overall wellness through functional medicine and supporting them on their journey to learning more about their bodies.

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Customized plans and educational support

What is the method?

Adair Method is a step-by-step process that includes:

  • An in-depth history and symptom consultation
  • A three phase plan:
    • Foundation work
    • Detoxification support
    • Kill phase: Pathogen, bacteria, parasite, and mold cleanse
  • One on one guided support
    • Clients have consistent and unlimited access to my availability for consultations regarding progress reviews and questions. I’m here to be a resource of information and support on your journey.

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Client Packages

Package 1

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$1850 - Includes Dutch test

Stage 1 - Foundation (Dutch test)

Stage 2 - Detox

stage 3 - Kill phase

stage 4 - Optional in-person or virtual home inspection

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package 2

$1325 - No Dutch test

Stage 1 - Foundation (Dutch test)

Stage 2 - Detox

stage 3 - Kill phase

stage 4 - Optional in-person or virtual home inspection

package 3

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In-person or virtual home inspection:

  • Assess potential hormone disruptors and pre-cancerous toxin exposures.
  • Zoom call checking out key components of the home including appliances, products, cookware, WiFi setup, etc.

$375 - Home Inspection Only

Stages Explained

stage 1 - Foundation

Dutch Test Analysis:

  • 35 different hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, and cortisol along with their metabolites
  • The Dutch test is the most accurate test providing a complete assessment of hormonal health.

stage 2 - detox

Anytime you open social media, you see some new Detox fad or blanket recommendations for the masses. To avoid complications it is best to do a Detox plan that is customized for your specific needs, to complete foundational work first, and have a guided professional available to you. The timing of your Detox plan and the post Detox work is also important.

stage 3 - kill

The final stage of the Adair Method where we focus on permanently ridding the body of pathogens, bacteria, parasite, and mold.

Additional services

Pricing determined during consultant call

Pregnancy prep

Oral Hygiene

Hormone Support

Customized protocols

Hair, Skin, & Nails

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RefeRral program

Earn a free maintenance or anti-aging consulting session after your program is finished


$75 off your program

Receive full reimbursement from previous plan


A second plan fully free, lab fees included

For every 10 referrals:

For every referral:




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